The Seahawks Defense Was “incredible, all night long”

The Seahawks Defense Was “incredible, all night long”

Sunday night’s game may have ended in tie, the first in franchise history, but the Seattle Seahawks defense showed that they are battle ready.

Because of incredible effort of DeShawn Shead, whom played all 95 snaps on defense along with 3 other Seahawks, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kelcie McCray, the Arizona Cardinals had only 6 points to show for their 46 minutes, 21 seconds of possession.

“It was incredible, all night long,” Carroll said of his defense.

“It starts right up front; Arizona ran a million plays right in the A-gap, stuff it at you, and we kept slugging it out. It was just an incredible display of who they are and what they’re all about. These guys have been fighting together for a long time, and you can tell. You can tell it means the world to them. They fought like that until there was no time to play. It’s just an incredible bunch of guys.”

The Seahawks will look to use that fight and put a W on the board when they take on the New Orleans Saints next week.