DeShawn Shead Re-Signs With Seahawks

DeShawn Shead Re-Signs With Seahawks

DeShawn Shead has signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. Originally undrafted out of Portland State in 2012, Shead has spent his entire NFL career with the Seahawks.

Rising from the practice squad, to starter, to special teams captain last season, Shead has the work effort that the Seahawk front office is looking for.

“Those are great stories,” Carroll said last season of Shead’s rise from undrafted practice squad player to starter. “I love raising guys up in the program. Getting to know them really well and understanding, and if they stay with us, it’s because they’re the right kind of guys. So you know you have a feeling for the guy because he’s made it through the draft picks and the other guys with maybe more acclaim coming in. Those kinds of guys are the guys we’re always looking for. So as he got better and improved, you could just see it coming. I didn’t know that he would be able to play front-line, first-team cornerback and go out there and play really well four or five years ago—he just proved it to us.

“It’s great because he also is a great story for all of our other young players. He talks to them like that. He lets them know, ‘I was in your chair, sitting there wondering if I was going to make the team and hoping I can make the practice squad.’ He shares those scars with other guys and it makes him just that much more valuable to our team.”

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